Johan works out of his

studio in Stockholm with

the whole world as his canvas. 

He’s a photographer that strives for technical excellence with tough

demands on his own performance, 

yet high in empathy and sensitive

to the needs of his client’s.



Johan is fast becoming a sought-after portrait photographer. This happened by chance and wasn’t something he'd planned, yet he's found a love for it and there’s an increasing demand for him in this role.


“I love making people look their best and bringing out their cool!”

Client: Mixed


Johan works out of his studio in Stockholm with the whole world as his canvas. 

He’s a photographer that strives for technical excellence with tough demands on his own performance, yet high in empathy and sensitive to needs of his client’s.

Johan was initially acknowledged for his complex lighting setups and still-life photography. 

He’s now increasingly exploring portraits, art- and outdoor photography. He’s able to connect with people, teasing out a great performances from most every subject.


“I try to quickly understand the idea and come up with a working strategy, and then just throw myself into the performance.” says Johan.



A challenging project to make Nymans Ur the buyers first choice in to the 21 Century.

"Working with Swiss manufactured high-end watches was a demanding learning experience."

Client: Nymans Ur 1851
AD: Lieberman
PL: Melissa Schille



Documentary for Studio Richard Lindvall. BadLab Beer Company is located in New Hampshire, Boston USA.

Shot at the beautiful Bad Lab restaurant and brewery in Portsmouth. 

Richard won gold in the category “Bars, Cafes and Clubs” from WIN awards 2019.


Client: Studio Richard Lindvall

AD: Richard Lindvall

PL: Paul Ambrose



"We shot these images in three days on beautiful Gotland. I love working close to a great stylist and figure out location and style for this kind of, one of humankinds most useful product after the wheel.

The burning chair was a fun extra project, "just because I could!"

Client: Residence Magazine

AD: Marita Jemdahl

PL: Hanna Nova Beatrice

Stylist: Cecilia Tivar




Calik Denim manufactures all kinds of quality

Jeans fabric for fashion houses around the world.

In this project, for the Barcelona fashion exhibition 2016, Calic wanted to find away to describe new stretch material.

Client: Calic Denim

Agency: Doe Blomberg Gottberg

AD :  Johan Brännström    

PL: Thomas Brenemark




New York based eyewear company with roots in Italy. Always on the hunt for great ideas in perfection.

Client: Modo Eyewear

AD :  Victor Moreno    

PL: Moa Oppedal



"Together with Hair designer and dresser Robert Preston I do some projects of our own.

This one of them…

We just have fun doing them but they have to have a high level of creativity and be kind of sophisticated…"


Client: Inhouse




'"London or Stockholm, Studio or Outdoor, I’m always up for a fashions shoot no matter where, when or how…"


Client: Björn Borg & Henry Cole

AD: Jon I Palmqvist & Henrik Klintenberg

Stylist: David Walegren & In Care of Anna


Dry Towel

The Wettex like solution of luxurious towels!

A towel that dries your hair fast, passively and gently without rubbing or tearing.

Client: Aqius Hair

AD: Ragnar Lidin

PL: Annet Nordvall

Stylist: In Care of Anna




"I somehow find death or dead things fascinating.

Not necessarily in image form its just very satisfying thinking about my/our limited time here on earth.

I feel so humble and small thing about my on time thats going to end sometime.

I love birds and I find these skeletons have some strong characters left as they are…"

Client: WWF



"Nature – always fascinating, capturing and inspiring.

The color, shapes and patterns one finds in nature never cease to amaze me. 

I’ll find myself going back to nature for inspiration time and time again."

Client: Inhouse



“NON”, by Complot Design 2000, is a chair in rubber and steel skeleton manufactured for any weather and to be around after mankind.


"The photoshoot on Svalbard was an amazing experience, cold and a lot of ice bears!"

Client: Pitch for Källemo

Agency: KIPSE Kommunikation AB

AD: Klas Nivlin

PL: Klas Nivlin